COVID-19 Intelligence: food and drink

This report focuses on data and intelligence gathered on the food and drink sector

In order to inform planning for economic recovery, reports collating up-to-date economic and labour market intelligence relating to the immediate and longer timer impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in the North East have been produced. An initial report was presented to the North East LEP Board in May 2020 in order to demonstrate the latest position for the North East economy. This was then repeated in September 2020.

This report is a complementary summary report that focuses on the data and intelligence gathered on the food and drink sector as part of the wider evidence base. This is part of a suite of sector specific summary reports that will be published in due course.

Using this information the North East COVID-19 Economic Response Group has been able to support the economy, build resilience and prepare for the region’s recovery. Most recently, it submitted an ambitious Recovery and Renewal Deal for the North East to government, asking for a £2.8bn investment to unlock half of the 100,000 more jobs the region needs to support the North East’s quick recovery from the pandemic.

Going forward, the North East COVID-19 Economic Response Group Intelligence Reports will be published on the North East Data Hub so people in the North East can see how living with coronavirus is impacting jobs, the economy, and businesses in the North East.

Food and drink report