Motor vehicle traffic

Vehicle miles recorded

The Department for Transport record motor vehicle traffic (vehicle miles) by local authority in Great Britain on an annual basis. The time series goes back to 1993. 

The number of vehicle miles travelled in our region and nationally both reached a peak in 2007. The financial crisis reversed the upward trend and it was 2010 before traffic started to increase. 

By 2019 the national (GB) figure was 357 billion vehicle miles, 42 billion up on the 2007 figure; a 14% rise.

In our region, the number of vehicle miles travelled in 2019 was 10.1 billion, 1.4 billion above the 2007 peak; a 16% rise.

The graph shows indexed trends for the NELEP area and England, indexed to 2007.

Motor Vehicle Traffic

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Source: Department for Transport, National Road Traffic Survey (Table TRA8901)