Our Economy 2020

Our Economy is our annual update on the current performance of the North East economy and how it is changing over time.

Using a comprehensive range of data sources, it provides the latest available indicators on all aspects of the economy of North East LEP area.

The publication comes out in the spring in two forms: a full report and an executive summary. Both include a section showing how the North East LEP area is performing against the targets set out in the North East Strategic Economic Plan (SEP). They also feature sections detailing trends in the SEP's five programmes of delivery:

  • Business growth
  • Innovation
  • Skills, employment, inclusion and progression
  • Transport connectivity
  • Investment and infrastructure.

Every year, the Our Economy report also provides a comprehensive look at a particular topic that is key to the success of the North East economy.

The third Our Economy report contains the latest data at the time of writing (May 2020) relating to the SEP targets and programmes of delivery. 

It includes a focus on the economic geography of the North East, with maps and charts showing both the diversity of places within the North East and how interconnected they are.  Because of the time lag in the availability of official local statistics, the data in this report mainly relates to 2019 and, therefore, provides a detailed baseline of the North East economy immediately prior to the COVID-19 outbreak.