GVA per hour worked (productivity)

Value of goods and services produced per hour worked

Labour productivity is measured by dividing the output of a region or sector by the amount of labour input used to achieve it. Output is measured using Gross Value Added (GVA)). There are a number of different ways of measuring labour inputs – including the number of hours worked and the number of filled jobs

GVA per hour worked in the North East LEP area in 2018 was £29.94.

  • This is below the rates for England (£35.57) and England excluding London (£32.74)
  • It is the third lowest GVA per hour among the eight core city LEP areas but is only slightly below the rates for Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham & Nottinghamshire and for Greater Manchester.

GVA per hour worked (£), 2018

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North East LEP

Source: Subregional productivity in the UK: Labour productivity indices by Local Enterprise Partnership (ONS, last updated 28 February 2020)

Data information: Based on core city LEPs, England and England excluding London