Rail patronage

Overall rail patronage in Great Britain

As Britain does not have a fully gated rail network, a complete recording of passenger flows through stations is not possible. In the absence of comprehensive and robust count data, ORR commissioned Steer Davies Gleave (SDG) to produce these usage estimates annually.

Estimates of station usage are based on the Origin Destination Matrix (ODM), which is a comprehensive matrix of rail flows throughout Great Britain. The ODM is derived from the MOIRA2.2 rail planning tool, with some variations in specific circumstances. MOIRA2.2 is derived from LENNON, the rail industry’s ticketing and revenue system.

Interchanges at stations have been estimated using the Central Allocations File. This contains route alternatives for each origin and destination and uses a model to estimate the proportion of passengers using each available route.

Rail estimates are provided using data provided by the Office of Rail and Road. More detailed information about the methods used to estimate station usage can be found in the Methodology Report.

Rail patronage

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