Metro customer satisfaction

Satisfaction score for metro passengers

Customer satisfaction research is carried out by Nexus twice a year in May and November with a target of 1,000 interviews in each wave. 

A number of specific questions are asked which are grouped into several contexts. Respondents rate indicators on a 5 point scale from ‘very dissatisfied’ to ‘very satisfied’ with a score attributed to each response between 0 and 100 in multiples of 25. This score is converted into an easier ‘score out of 10’. This is different to reporting on the proportion of respondents satisfied with an indicator as it includes the neutral views in the scoring.

Due to seasonality, it is advised that trends be based on the same month. Please note that from May 2018 the methodology will change to four waves per year with a reduced sample requirement of 500 per wave.

Metro Customer Satisfaction

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